img_6816Life is pretty good when you know the things to see, hear, go, and do.

You’re probably thinking ‘oh great, another 30-something gay in London with a blog’ and that’s pretty fair.  But See Hear Go Do is different because I have no real agenda – I’m not trying to make a career out of this, and I’m not just trying to get free things. This site is a celebration of the things I love, the places that have stolen my heart, the popstars that changed my life, and the food that I just can’t get enough off.

I wanted a space to share with my friends some stories from my adventures, and tips and recommendations from things I’ve done, that I’ve enjoyed, that I think others might like. So if you’re reading this, then you’re now officially my friend too.

I also wanted to set up this site to act as a bit of a diary, so that when I’m 80 and sat at home alone, with my twelve cats, I’ve got something to look back on – hopefully, a life well lived.

I’d love to hear your thoughts (as long as their nice) – get in touch at seeheargodo@gmail.com. You can also follow me on Twitter at @husseybyname / @seeheargodo.